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Nourish + Flourish is a podcast about navigating the often difficult terrain of finding what nourishes you — mind, body, and soul — so that you can flourish. Co-hosts Emily Levenson and Betsy Brockett may have different upbringings and diagnoses, but they do have is a shared interest in health and healing. Emily + Betsy wanted a space to explore all of the nuances surrounding health and wellness and to have deeper conversations about those topics.
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Jul 31, 2017
Are you looking to find more calm and contentment in your day to day life? Us too! Which is how we knew we needed to get today's guest, Catherine Beard of The Blissful Mind on the show come hell or high water. Catherine shared so many nuggets of wisdom during our conversation, from morning routines and her self-care power hour (genius) to finding your purpose, mindfulness, intentional living, resiliency and a whole lot more. She even shares about the new direction her life and career are taking and what that has meant for her. So grab a cup of something — tea, green smoothie, water — and settle in for an insightful conversation with a wonderfully insightful woman.

What about you?

How would you describe the current status of your life? Do you feel calm and contented, or are you feeling something else (better or worse)? What would it take to get you from here to there?  

The Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • An introduction to Catherine Beard of The Blissful Mind
  • Blogging, capsule wardrobes, minimalism, and intentional living
  • The hard realities of being your own boss
  • Morning routines and the self-care power hour
  • What led Catherine to pursue the path of wellness
  • How Catherine got to holistic health coaching from blogging
  • Finding your purpose in life
  • What a holistic health coach actually does
  • The external pressures to be perfect and follow your our own advice
  • Authenticity, resiliency, and the human experience
  • Why Catherine says, "You are the expert on yourself."
  • What nourishment means to Catherine

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