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Nourish + Flourish is a podcast about navigating the often difficult terrain of finding what nourishes you — mind, body, and soul — so that you can flourish. Co-hosts Emily Levenson and Betsy Brockett may have different upbringings and diagnoses, but they do have is a shared interest in health and healing. Emily + Betsy wanted a space to explore all of the nuances surrounding health and wellness and to have deeper conversations about those topics.
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Dec 9, 2017

Since this is our last episode, we thought it only fitting to take a look back at our year in podcasting. Join us as we reflect on what the past year, sharing our biggest lessons as well as the biggest gifts, what we are most proud of and what has changed for us as a result. We also share what's coming next for both of us and how to stay in touch.

We’d love to hear from you!

What were the biggest lessons (or aha's) that came as the result of listening to the podcast? Any favorite memories or transformations that were sparked as the result of these conversations?  

The Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • Why the podcast has been like therapy for us
  • How listening back to yourself can give you a healthy dose of perspective
  • Why talking has actually made us better listeners, particularly when it comes to ourselves
  • The power of conversation and friendships
  • The most transformational episodes for each of us
  • Why gratitude is such a big deal and how it's made an impact for Emily
  • Stillness and quiet, and letting experiences unfold
  • The gift of the inner wise woman and how that changed things for Betsy
  • Gratitude meditations and sending love to those who need it
  • Our goals and intentions for 2018
  • Proudest moment from our year of podcasting


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