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Nourish + Flourish is a podcast about navigating the often difficult terrain of finding what nourishes you — mind, body, and soul — so that you can flourish. Co-hosts Emily Levenson and Betsy Brockett may have different upbringings and diagnoses, but they do have is a shared interest in health and healing. Emily + Betsy wanted a space to explore all of the nuances surrounding health and wellness and to have deeper conversations about those topics.
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Oct 30, 2017

The topic of today's episode — positivity and optimism — has been something we've wanted to explore for ages. Of course, the days we were scheduled to record were ones where we were feeling anything BUT positive or optimistic. 

The good news is, positivity and optimism aren't some pollyanna principles that negate the totality of our human experience. Instead, they are a way of approaching and understanding the world. 

So how do we get there? How do we begin to embrace more positivity? How do we challenge the voice in our head that tells us that things are going to hell in a handbasket?

We explore those questions and more in Episode #42.

Oct 23, 2017

Emily is officially back from her sabbatical and shares the ups and downs that she experienced during her time off. Betsy also talks about what happened for her during this break and where she sees herself going in the upcoming months. 


All in all, this is a doorway into what has been going on in our lives and hearts for the past month and where we are finding balance in the midst of all of this chaos. 

Oct 9, 2017

What is the difference between having goals and manifesting things? Is there a practical side of manifestation, as well as a negative one? How exactly DO you manifest something? And how does this impact your life (for better or worse)?

We recently chatted with Kimberly Brown of Manifest Yourself to get to the bottom of these questions, and so much more. We hope you enjoy this deep dive into the world of achieving your goals and dreams through the power of manifestation. 

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Oct 2, 2017
Today’s episode is all about decluttering and the act of letting go of the physical things that take up space in our homes and hearts. We go so far as to call it a spiritual act. From cherished heirlooms to clothing and art to birthday cards from decades past, the things we collect (and hang onto) are a way to access the memories of the people, the places, and the experiences we cherish. They are also a tool to help create a space that makes us feel inspired and at peace.

We’d love to hear from you!

What's your relationship to stuff? Do you err on the minimal or the collecting end of the stuff-spectrum? Have you ever felt remorse for letting go of something?  

The Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • Decluttering as a spiritual act
  • The liberation of cleaning out our closets and our homes
  • Our emotional attachment to clothing
  • Pros and cons of a capsule wardrobe
  • Make-up and books and what role they play in our lives
  • The things that take up space in our lives and homes
  • Digital decluttering — email, computer files, deleting apps
  • The "porous" act of decluttering and what it unlocks in the process
  • What we're really hanging onto when we hang onto stuff
  • The emotional weight of physical clutter
  • Knowing why you are hanging onto things
  • The importance of how our stuff makes us feel
  • Creating space by being more intentional about the things we keep
  • Figuring out how you want your space to make you feel

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